Story of Orchard


Mr.Boonlert orchard has been inherited from his parents 20 rai(1600 square meters per 1 rai) and Mr.Boonlert has dug an additional 20 rai to add more orchard and 40 rai for rice farming. Ms.Aunt Jaew joined with tourism due to the provincial agriculture, agriculture district, and sage. The villagers suggest that there are many suitable places to be tourist attractions such as large earthen roads making it easy to walk. The year 2011, heavy flooding which is more than 1 meter higher than the ridge, causing many plants to die in the garden. Making it necessary to start restoring the garden The effort is not wasted, because today, Mr. Boonlert's orchard has become a garden with many tourists and interested people joining the activity. The official informational website is Facebook and Line. This orchard has made additional products such as processed bananas which received the national GMP award. Miang Kham Bua, based on recommendations from teachers at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, where lotus flowers and petals are brewed for tea. Bring the leaves to make rice wrapped in lotus, these are famous foods at this orchard. This orchard also attracts many TV shows and media.

Mr. Boonlert's orchard has an area divided into 2 parts, which are Rice fields and orchards. In this garden In front of the orchard is the first place and after passing through the orchard you will find rice fields. The total area is 36 rai. This orchard has exported high quality grapefruit to foreign countries. And besides that, there are also fruits such as jackfruit, mangoes and lemons, all of which are the main income of this orchard. Later, after the Ministry of Tourism of Thailand and the Department of Agricultural Extension came to transfer knowledge to develop the Mahasawat Canal to develop into an agricultural tourist attraction. Fruit is therefore part of the tourist attraction in the Mahasawat canal community in 2000. After that, there was a group of Wat Suwan community housewife which is a group of housewife farmers who want to make money by increasing the value of fruits by making various seasonal processed fruits. After 2006, it was released as a crispy banana product using a batter dryer from frying, which currently has 10 flavors. With various flavors arising from market data surveys.

Orchard restoration

In 2011, there was a flood, as everyone knows, this orchard was affected by this flood. Plants in the garden have been severely affected, resulting in a significant loss. In which the agricultural economy of the Mahasawat Canal community is very poor. The orchard was also damaged too. Uncle Boonlert and his family tried to protect the garden but failed. The orchard has been flooded for months. Causing the whole family to feel sad and hopeless. Worse still, grapefruit, is known as one of the reputation of this orchard, is all dead as well.
The whole family is hesitant about whether to continue their agriculture career or not because restoring everything back takes a long time. In order to rehabilitate, it is necessary to use a lot of funds as well.
They must make money so Mr.Boonlert chooses to grow fruit that grows quickly and sell it for money. They grow vegetables for eating. It tooks more than 3 years to revitalize the garden. In the first 3, the first grapefruit was grown for the first time. He still continues his efforts to recover his orchard more and In December 2011, Mr. Boonlert joined the restoration of the canal life by helping to open the waterway with the aim of delivering agricultural tourism. There is cooperation from many parties, including the reign of the media and some academics. Which results well, with more and more tourists regardless of what part of the community

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