Rice wrapped in Lotus leaf

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Project Description

Rice wrapped in Lotus leaf

Tourists can attend this activity at the orchard, the staff at the orchard will teach about the cooking process and ingredients that help tourists can cook it again at. Everything will be teached step by step for everyone to understand easier. After it is finished, everyone can eat it together.


Thai jasmine rice


Fried Dried Shrimp


Marinated Pork

Shiitake mushrooms

Egg yolks of salted eggs


Coriander root mixed with garlic, pepper

Carrot, Corn kernels, peas

Lotus leaf

How to cook

1.Fried the coriander root mixed with garlic, pepper until it smells good

2.Put the jasmine rice, carrot, corn kernels, and peas into the pan. After that pour the sauce over the rice as much as you want. You can taste it to make sure it is good enough, if not you can add more sauce on the rice again.

3.After it looks nice, you should put the rice into the pot.

4.Spread a large lotus leaf over the bowl and put the banana leaf that is cut into circles to put on another layer.

5.Arrange the side dishes on the banana leaf. Start from the egg yolk and place it in the middle. Followed by sausage, fried Dried Shrimp, chestnuts, ginkgo, shiitake mushrooms and marinated pork.Try to put them all over, you should not put them in one spot.

6.Put the rice on top. Wrap the bag and clasp it with a toothpick.

7.Steam for another 15 minutes. To have the smell of lotus leaf on the rice.

8.Cut the lotus open and then finish.

Mr Jongdee Sethumnuay

Call 089-0571432

Address 97 Moo 1 Salaya, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom

Note: This activity need to booked in advance.

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